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Civil Disputes

We provide honest, practical and effective legal advice aimed at resolving your legal issue in the best way possible. In some cases, the cost and time involved in going to court can be avoided by engaging in alternative methods of dispute resolution. Whatever issue you are dealing with, we will lay out all the different methods of resolution that are open to you. We are highly respected court solicitors who have substantial experience in all manner of civil litigation. We are known for our strategic and effective approach, as well as our commitment to getting the best possible result for our clients. Whatever issue you may be facing, we will protect and enforce your rights thoroughly and forcefully throughout litigation. We also regularly assist clients seeking to recover the debt due to them. We offer advice on the most effective route for securing payment of the debt as well as the interest on the amount and any additional expenses you’ve incurred.

Please note however that we do not offer legal aid to deal with civil disputes. 


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